Professional Services Extract the most value from all of the data you collect

Healthcare organizations make better decisions with actionable insights from NarrativeDx analytics and certified patient experience experts.

Get strategic assessments and recommendations for improvement

Let the dedicated patient experience team at NarrativeDx handle your analytics. These consultants are your resource for turning mountains of data into actionable intelligence and prioritizing departmental and organizational goals.

Receive best-in-class educational and consulting support

By tapping into NarrativeDx professional services, your organization will benefit from resources, targeted training and strategic planning. Available services beyond that include focused industry research, goal prioritization and benchmarking.

The cost of not maximizing your data

Wasted Productivity

For healthcare organizations struggling with high volumes of data, powerful analytics significantly reduce staff time spent manually processing data.

Missed Opportunities

The ability to surface key insights in real time empowers effective performance improvement plans, enhanced brand management and service recovery.

Resource Misallocation

Without the right analytics, staff resources and initiatives run the risk of being ineffective and a drain on budget dollars.

Professional Services

Strategic Assessments

Identification of key, root-cause insights and recommendations for performance improvement.

Industry Research

Benchmarking to understand where your hospital stacks up against the competition.

Operational Insights

Identify top-performing and most challenged facilities, units and departments - and know what improvements to make.

Individual Analyses

Uncover answers to specific questions from your executive and management teams.

Patient Communication

Understand how to best communicate with key demographic groups.

Patient Loyalty

Know what drives patient loyalty, and what initiatives work best across your organization.

Case Study Rusk Rehabilitation

NYU Rusk Rehabilitation has 14 rehabilitation physicians and serves as the administrative offices for the department. The Physicians group at NYU Rusk did not have any means to measure and report on the outpatient experience. This location services patients with neurological, cardio-pulmonary conditions, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Partnership Achievements:

  • Measure patient satisfaction & report on areas for improvement
  • Create benchmarks across the physicians cohort
  • Streamline practice management and social media monitoring

referrals attributable to NDx
increase in referral revenue

Logo for Rusk Rehabilitation

When I first started the pilot [with NarrativeDx] the information came back in 24 hours. Now it’s almost instantaneous. The NarrativeDx platform can mine and capture data and map that out… now we might actually resolve the issue while the patient is here.

It’s a game changer for me.

Geoffrey Hall
at Rusk Rehabilitation

Case Study

HackensackUMC Palisades is a 202-bed hospital in New Jersey.

They urgently wanted to identify what areas needed improvement, what actions to take, and how to prioritize action plans considering their patients’ perspectives.

Partnership Achievements:

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Prioritize action plans considering patient perspectives
  • Determine which actions to take
  • More efficient, centralized patient experience management

21/26 HCAHPS measures increased
3 months to ROI
reduction in FTE time
comments collected
insights discovered

Logo for HackensackUMC Palisades

With NarrativeDx, it’s like having a data scientist on our team. I have been able to shift from hours behind a desk collecting and analyzing comments to being out where I need to be with patients, staff and physicians.

The system gives us actionable insights that we can prioritize and put into practice.

Bridget Alston
Senior Director, Patient Experience
at HackensackUMC Palisades