Patient Experience Analytics Understand your whole world of patient feedback

Driving exceptional patient experience with the NarrativeDx analytics platform is the right strategy for better clinical outcomes and growth.

Identify root-cause insights to drive business decisions

While healthcare organizations have plenty of check-box patient feedback scores from sources like HCAHPS, internal surveys, and rounding, this information doesn’t reveal the real reasons why patients feel the way they do.

Leverage the most powerful patient experience solution available

The true value of your patient feedback comes from analyzing both your quantitative (checkbox) and qualitative (comments) data. Only then can you begin to understand key issues and create focused improvement plans.

The cost of bad patient experience

Alienated households

Hospitals can lose over $1.5M per household choosing not to return.

Lost reimbursements

Bad patient experience costs hospitals an average $6M per year.

Weakened Reputation

Unhappy patients tell an average of 11 people about their experience.

Actionable Patient Experience Intelligence

Dashboards and Customized Reports

Get the right insights at the right time in packages tailored for action and positive change.

Actionable Insights

Analyze sentiments and trends, learn from patients’ comments to understand and improve care experiences.

Resource Allocation

Reduce time spent on comment analysis and cut internal cost burden by streamlining and improving operations.

Data Agnostic

Analyze data from multiple data sets, such as CAHPS, custom surveys, social media, complaints, rounding, and beyond.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Remove uncertainty regarding programs and initiatives by increasing accuracy of assessments and root-cause analysis.

Employee Engagement

Pinpoint opportunities to proactively combat clinician burnout and turnover, based on patient feedback.