Employee Experience Understand your Doctors, Nurses, and Staff

Identify actionable insights from employee feedback to reduce churn, improve safety and and increase quality.

Increase staff retention

Staff turnover is a huge cost for health systems. By leveraging NarrativeDx’s Employee Experience platform, organizations can proactively identify opportunities to engage, satisfy, and retain their employees..

Improve Organizational Performance

Strong employee engagement promotes healthy, productive, and high-quality workforces. NarrativeDx helps leverage staff feedback to align stakeholders across departments, identify performance gaps and drive organizational transformation

Quality and Safety

Ensure that employee concerns around workplace quality and safety are identified. Engaged employees minimize safety events, improve quality and reduce mortality.

The Cost of Poor Employee Experiences

Employee Churn

Employee turnover leads to expensive training and onboarding for new hires. Each year 17% of nurses leave their position within 12 months, costing individual health systems $6M annually.

Increased Safety Risk

Organizations with high employee dissatisfaction are at higher risk for workplace safety issues, experiencing 48% more safety events than an organization with high employee engagement.

Decreased Quality

Poor employee engagement results in low-quality performance. Unengaged workers can increase the number of quality incidents by 41% - negatively impacting both employees and patients.

Employee Experience

Dashboards and Customized Reports

Get the right insights at the right time in packages tailored for action and positive change.

Actionable Insights

Analyze sentiments and trends, learn from employees’ comments to understand and improve company culture.

Resource Allocation

Reduce time spent on comment analysis and cut internal cost burden by streamlining and improving operations.

Evaluate Initiatives

Use surveys to test and understand the impact of current initiatives and evaluate operational efficiency.

Understand Feedback

Discover the true meaning of issues raised by employees.

Track Progress

Determine the success of current efforts through analyzing improvement trends over time.

Employee Engagement Does More than Boost Productivity

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, an engaged workforce reduces turnover by 25%, reduces safety incidents by 48% and reduces quality incidents by 41%.

Employee Feedback Benefits:

  • Reduce Doctor, Nurse, and Staff churn
  • Improve recruiting efforts
  • Reduce workplace safety risks
  • Decrease quality incidents

higher productivity of engaged employees
fewer safety incidents
lower employee turnover
fewer quality incidents

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Many organizations measure either the wrong things, or too many things, or don’t make the data intuitively actionable. Many don’t make engagement a part of their overall strategy, or clarify why employee engagement is important, or provide quality education to help managers know what to do with the results, and in what order.

Jim Harter Ph.D
Chief Scientist
at Gallup Research