ADAPTIVE SURVEYING Proactively collect targeted patient feedback

Have a strategy in place for survey fatigue and lack of root-cause insights with the NarrativeDx Adaptive Surveying tool.

Empower patients to tell their stories in a relaxed and focused setting

Get the data you need to drive performance with technology smart enough to know what questions to ask.

Supplement your comment data with additional insights at the point of care

Gather patient feedback data in real time while automatically disseminating service recovery requests and generating intelligent dashboards.

The Problem with Traditional Surveys

Survey Fatigue

Survey programs such as CAHPS are very expensive for healthcare organizations, and present patients with cumbersome surveys.

Lack of Root Cause Insights

Traditional static surveys do not change based on priorities and initiatives, leaving room for gaps in data collection.

Adaptive Surveying

Flexible and Nimble

Adaptive Surveying allows for lightweight, real-time and open-ended feedback collection on any computer, phone or tablet.

Increase Response Rates

Get valuable insights from hard-to-reach patients and those unlikely to answer surveys after the point of care.

Supplement Comment Data

Cover gaps in the data by asking targeted questions on missing topics at the point of care.

Customizable Questions

Change questions based on current priorities and initiatives, develop new questions based on what the data says.

Evaluate Initiatives

Use surveys to test and understand the impact of current initiatives and evaluate operational efficiency.

Pulse Surveys

Provide pulse surveys at different sites and units to understand focus or problem areas at any given time.

Our Partners

Case Study Rusk Rehabilitation

NYU Rusk Rehabilitation has 14 rehabilitation physicians and serves as the administrative offices for the department. The Physicians group at NYU Rusk did not have any means to measure and report on the outpatient experience. This location services patients with neurological, cardio-pulmonary conditions, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Partnership Achievements:

  • Measure patient satisfaction & report on areas for improvement
  • Create benchmarks across the physicians cohort
  • Streamline practice management and social media monitoring

referrals attributable to NDx
increase in referral revenue

Logo for Rusk Rehabilitation

When I first started the pilot [with NarrativeDx] the information came back in 24 hours. Now it’s almost instantaneous. The NarrativeDx platform can mine and capture data and map that out… now we might actually resolve the issue while the patient is here.

It’s a game changer for me.

Geoffrey Hall
at Rusk Rehabilitation