Actionable insights from patient & employee feedback


Unhappy Patients are really expensive

Lost Revenue

Unhappy patients give lower scores on CAHPS surveys, affecting reimbursements and finances.

Decreased Referrals

Unhappy patients negatively impact providers’ reputations online and within their communities.

Clinician Burnout

Unhappy patients do not keep healthcare employees engaged and connected to their work’s purpose.

NarrativeDx provides root-cause analysis that tells you exactly what to do.

Insights Beyond Survey Scores

The ability to identify root causes from patient feedback helps you make better decisions and improve finances, operations and beyond.

AI and Natural Language Processing

When your organization uses NarrativeDx, you benefit from the fastest, most accurate and most scalable patient experience platform.

Simple and Secure for Healthcare Orgs

Our HIPAA-compliant cloud based tool connects with any data source, while keeping your data private and secure with state of the art encryption.

About NarrativeDx

Negative patient experiences cost hospitals millions of dollars each year through lost reimbursements, decreased referrals, and increased staff turnover.

NarrativeDx uses AI to identify actionable insights from patient feedback to improve CAHPS scores, increase referrals and reduce nurse turnover. We go beyond survey scores by analyzing comments from rounding tools, satisfaction surveys, online reviews, social media and beyond to help hospitals provide excellent experiences that drive up to 50% improvement in financial performance.

Our team →

Patients often provide health systems with feedback on their experiences, the good and the bad. Some patients use the traditional method, responding to surveys, while others use social media, such as Yelp and Twitter. Cedars-Sinai, like many health systems, is committed to delivering the optimal patient experience. To help make these improvements, we rely heavily on this type of feedback from our patients.

We are excited to work with NarrativeDx as they help health systems gather and make sense of all of the important feedback patients provide about their care.

Alan Dubovsky
Chief Patient Experience Officer

NarrativeDx demonstrates truly innovative ways to capture and understand patient comments. The insights provided have had a measurable impact on our patient satisfaction processes.

When I first started working with NarrativeDx, the information came back in 24 hours. Now it’s almost instantaneous. The platform can mine and capture data and map that out… now we might actually resolve the issue while the patient is here. It’s a game changer for me.

Geoffrey Hall

With NarrativeDx, it’s like having multiple data scientists working for me. I have been able to shift from hours behind a desk collecting and analyzing comments to being out where I need to be with patients, staff and physicians.

The system gives us actionable insights that we can prioritize and put into practice.

Bridget Alston
Senior Director of Patient Experience

As healthcare leaders we need to have a deep understanding of our patient’s needs to either personalize the experience for them individually or create transformative changes in the organization. We have just about every survey instrument that you can imagine. This includes social media, paper surveys [CAHPS and non-CAHPS], mobile applications and interactive media. The challenge is that the human brain can’t process all the narrative data out of those comments. It is just not possible to sustain it as a manual process. We need to find out the ‘why’ from analytics to make it actionable and accurate.

Shawn Smith
Chief Patient Experience Officer